Who We Are

In business since 2001

Experienced team with broad software & engineering skills

Turnkey vision solution provider

Grand Rapids, MI company, serving customers in US & internationally


What We Do

Provide automated vision solutions

Standard & custom systems

Innovative solutions for your unique vision needs

Comprehensive data management software

Why Active Inspection

Work directly with our core engineers for prompt & effective support

Product lifetime support

Modern software development processes

Reduced risk in phased approach

Quick ROI

Cost Effective Standard Systems

Surface Inspection System

Plastic Inspection
Film Inspection
Paper Inspection
Metal Inspection
Non-woven Inspection

Print Inspection System

  • Labels, Flexible Packaging, Cartons, etc.
  • 1 – 4 Cameras (2K/4K/10K/15K)
  • Speed up to 1,500 ft/sec

Capture & Record System

  • Flexible recording with multiple cameras
  • Storage in centralized database
  • Flexible search and retrieval

3D Linescan Systems

  • Fastest 3D Inspection Systems
  • 3DPIXA Stereo Linescan Camera
  • Z Resolution Down to 1 um
  • X&Y Resolution Down to 5 um x 5 um
  • Color Inspection Capabilities

Deep Learning Systems

  • aiDeepClassifier – Smart Part Classifier
  • aiDeepInspector – Smart Defect Detection
  • Industry Proven Technologies

3D Weld Inspection

  • 3D Snapshot Inspection Systems
  • High-Resolutions Sensors
  • X, Y, & Z Dimensioning
  • Multi-Camera Support

Custom Vision Solutions

Custom Vision Solutions

Line scan, area, and laser profiler applications
Concurrent 3D and color inspection (3DPIXA)
Custom algorithms
Database storage
Integration with plant systems

Vision IoT & OEM Services

Handheld device based applications
Embedded vision systems
Integration with cloud services
Desktop, web, & mobile interfaces

Data Analytics

aiAnalytics is a turnkey solution for collecting and analyzing vision data from a large number of standard 2D & 3D vision systems. It easily connects to existing vision systems using a variety of interfaces to gather part inspection, metrology, image, & point-cloud data. This data can be explored from any location using desktop, web, and mobile application.

Vision Integration

Cognex Vision Technologies


VisionPro, ViDi - Deep Learning Software, In-Sight Cameras, 3D Profiler & Stereo System
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Matrox Software & Hardware


Matrox Imaging Library, Smart Cameras (GTR), Design Assistant, Radient & Rapixo Frame Grabbers
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MVTec Halcon

MVTec Halcon

Machine Vision
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Chromasens Camera Applications


3D Line Scan Camera 3DPIXA, Line Scan Camera allPIXA Pro & Wave, Mult-Spectral Camera truePIXA
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Teledyne Dalsa Hardware & Software

Teledyne Dalsa

Line Scan Cameras, Area Cameras, Sapera Vision Software

We provide configuration, installation, integration, and onsite support services for all major vision platforms.