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Classifying Process

Acquire image(s)

Locate region of interest in image

Classify object based on trained model

Display and record results, send I/O signals

Think Simple

  • Turnkey solution
  • Cost effective system
  • Integrates into your workflow
  • Allen Bradley and Siemens PLC support
  • Touch-screen monitor and HMI
  • Custom UI

Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Collect product images
  2. Train models
  3. Begin use

Work Smarter

  • Flexible classification settings
  • Monochrome and color cameras
  • Live data and statistics
  • Generate reports in PDF, HTML, and XML
  • Recording and playback
  • Database integration for long-term storage

aiDeepClassifier systems are not limited to measurements on parts. Instead, its use cases are limitless.

Here, different fabrics are classified based on their unique textures.

Combining powerful hardware and software into one complete package, our aiDeepClassifier systems offer industry leading computer vision technology with an intuitive user interface. 

Active Inspection is ready to fulfill your company’s quality needs.