3D Line Scan System

All-In-One System

Complete standalone solution provided for you

Simple Set-Up

Linear stage, fixture, camera, lighting – what you need to get started

3D Line Scan Camera

3D-PIXA stereo line scan camera featuring industry leading technology

Custom Application

Application designed specifically for use with this 3D Scanner

Thorough 3D Inspection

Inspect a part using precise imaging technology. These stereo line scan cameras designed by Chromasens have a Z-resolution up to 1µm and X&Y-resolution up to 5µm, enabling micro defects to be seen. Gain insight into 2D, 3D, depth map, intensity, color, and grayscale images efficiently all with just one scan.

3D Scanner being used to inspect smartphones

Chromasens 3D Line Scan Cameras

  • Color & height acquisition
  • Scan rate up to 4,200 mm/s
  • Up to 1µm Z-resolution
  • Up to 5µm X&Y-resolution

Corona II Lighting

  • Compact designs
  • Brightfield: 300,000 Lux
  • Tube Light: 1,200,000 Lux
  • Dark Field: 3,500,000 Lux

Industrial Design

  • Durable fixture design
  • Metal construction
  • Large start & emergency stop buttons
  • Product lifetime support

Multi-Image Aquisition

  • 2D & 3D aquisition
  • Depth map & intensity images
  • Color & grayscale images

Find The Details

  • Review the image data
  • Easily create/edit acquisition recipes
  • Record images for future review

Custom App With Friendly UI

  • Multiple acquisition recipes
  • Quickly reprocess images
  • Switch between the multiple images

PCB and Wire Bond Inspection

Connector Inspection

Bearing Inspection

Electronics Inspection

Automotive Inspection

Food Inspection

Wood Inspection