Surface Inspection

aiSurf : 100% Inspection of Rolls & Sheets

Plastic & Film

Gel, Coating Skips, Scratches, Void, Dirt, Holes


Holes, Streaks, Smudges, Cracks, Wrinkles, Spots


Thin/Thick, Holes, Clumps, Voids, Contaminate


Marks, Pin Holes, Stains, Dents, Pickling Pits, Scales


Voids, Scratches, Edge Defects, Stains, Water Marks

Max Speed
0 ft/mi
Max Width
0 ft
Max Cameras
Max Resolution
2 K

100% Inspection Of Surfaces

  • Turnkey solution for 2D surface inspection
  • Inspect rolls, sheets, coils, etc.
  • Repeat & density analysis, classification, & more
  • Offline yield analysis review tool
  • Live remote monitoring and inspection control

aiSurf Inspection live page

Defect Detection

Multiple inspection algorithms to detect subtle defects

Defect Classification

Multilevel classification using deep learning and rules based classifiers

Repeating Defect Detection

Automatic detection and pitch calculation of repeating defects

Defect Density Analysis

Density analysis based on user defined criteria

Decision Matrix

User defined decision matrix to control actions on defect detection

Discrete I/O

Digital I/O for inspection control, alarms, and defect marking

User Interface & Reports

Intuitive user interface to view inspection results and reports

Live Video & Recording

Full resolution live video display, recording, & playback


Customizable PDF, HTML, XML, and CVS reports

Database Storage

Open schema database to store inspection results

Plant Integration

Plant integration via PLC, Sockets, & Files.

OPC Server

Easily connects to SCADA systems via OPC interface


  • Lowest cost turnkey system
  • Uses one or two 2K, 4K, or 8K cameras
  • Typically used for plastic, film, and non-woven
  • Suitable for slow moving or narrow webs
  • Packaged with essential inspection tools
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Simplified user interface


  • Scalable high performance system
  • Supports up to sixteen 2K/4K/8K GigE cameras
  • Multiple defect detection algorithms
  • Machine learning classifier
  • Repeat, density, & streak analysis
  • Detailed PDF, CSV, and XML reports
  • Live remote and yield analysis


  • High speed and high resolution inspection system
  • Supports to 16 4K/8K/16K very high speed cameras
  • Line rates up to 300,000 lines/sec
  • Deep learning classifier
  • Repeat, density, & streak analysis
  • Detailed PDF, CSV, and XML reports


  • Concurrent color & height acquisition
  • Uses stereo line scan cameras
  • Dense depth maps even for large widths
  • 2D & 3D defect detection and measurement
  • Machine learning classifier
  • 3-D point-cloud processing
  • Detailed PDF, CSV, and XML reports


  • Full resolution Color image acquisition
  • Bayer or Trilinear color cameras
  • Color defect detection tools
  • Measures color variations over 100% surface
  • Defect detection and classification
  • Recording and playback
  • Detailed PDF, CSV, and XML reports


  • Full width imaging using line scan cameras
  • Acquires gray scale or color images
  • Record 100% of sheet or coil surface
  • Use events to trigger recording
  • High speed recording using NVMe and SSD
  • Recording capacity up to 10 TB
  • Flexible viewing and image annotation