Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) and Matrox PCIe Camera Link frame grabbers enable 100% inspection of surfaces, printing and labelsweb_inspection1

Manufacturers of materials like plastics, papers, foils, films, metals and non-wovens produced in continuous rolls at very high-speeds rely upon machine vision-based web inspection to detect and identify defects. 100% surface inspection lets manufacturers remain competitive and meet regulatory requirements by identifying and resolving problems early in their production processes so defective goods do not reach the market.

Active Inspection, Inc. (AI) (Grand Rapids, MI) manufactures systems that perform 100% web inspection of surfaces, printing and labels. The AI Surface system inspects plastics, paper, foils, non-wovens and many other substrates, including coating and lamination processes used in converting applications. It includes adaptable filters to inspect glossy, matte and textured surfaces. The system also supports a multi-camera architecture to inspect a wide range of width and resolution combinations. AI Surface detects a variety of defects such as gels, skips, pinholes, roll-marks, holes and scratches. Read more >>